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Forth Photonics showcases the DySIS™ at the XXIV Annual Convention of the IACR, organized by the Indian Council of Medical Research in New Delhi. The attendance highlighted the emergence of the Indian market in the field of cervical cancer and the suitability of the DySIS™ to the very typical requirements of this region.

Forth Photonics announces the launch of its flagship device, the DySIS™ with a strong showing at the International Gynecological Cancer Society in Edinburgh, Scotland. The device was received to high acclaim by attendees and special interest expressed by contingents from the US, EU and developing countries.

FORTH Photonics awarded a €1 million grant from GSRT: PRAXE Β

FORTH Photonics announces that the company has been awarded a €1million grant from GSRT: PRAXE Β for the implementation of the company’s start-up and business development plan. Supported actions comprise organizational structuring, R&D of new applications and products, reinforcement of IP portfolio, setting of manufacturing facilities, development of marketing and sales competencies and distributor networks.

FORTH Photonics funded by the DTI/UK for Clinical Trials of Non-invasive Cervical Cancer diagnostic Device DySIS™

FORTH Photonics Ltd. announces that has been offered a £ 55,173 (~ € 80,000) Grant by the UK Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) to partially support clinical trials for DySIS™, the company’s innovative device for the non-invasive diagnosis of cervical cancer and precancer.

Dynamic Spectral Imaging System

Dynamic Spectral Imaging System

DySIS is the first CE-marked medical device in the world to utilize both digital and Dynamic Spectral Imaging technology for assisting the automated and user independent detection and mapping of cervical neoplasia in vivo.

Now DySIS emerges as the next generation imaging technology for colposcopists in the 21st Century. DySIS integrates a series of groundbreaking innovations resulting from more than a decade of pioneering research work.

The core technology of DySIS relies on the quantitative assessment and mapping of the acetowhitening dynamic characteristics. From concept to implementation, innovative optoelectronic and digital imaging solutions have been developed and combined with Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) tools in a highly ergonomic and user-friendly package.

DySIS is ready to replace conventional colposcopes by offering guidance for detecting and grading cervical neoplasia in vivo, digital mapping of abnormal areas, guidance for biopsy sampling and objective follow-up. These unique advantages are achieved while maintaining the standard colposcopic examination procedures.

About Forth Photonics

Forth Photonics

FORTH Photonics is a high-tech medical device company in biophotonics and optical molecular imaging focusing on the development of automated, cost-effective devices for the non-invasive optical detection, screening and guided therapeutics of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions

The Company has developed a proprietary technology platform that has the potential to address a number of diseases affecting millions of people worldwide and costing billions of dollars to healthcare systems.
The strategy of Forth Photonics is to focus on the development of optical diagnostic devices easily convertible to screening tools, thus enabling expansion of addressable markets and ensuring a high impact on healthcare practice.

FORTH Photonics is a start-up in biophotonics and optical molecular imaging focusing on the development of automated, cost-effective devices for the non-invasive optical detection, screening and guided therapeutics of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. The company has commercialized DySISTM, a revolutionary device for the automated and user-independent detection and mapping of cervical neoplasia in vivo.

The first product of this technology platform that Forth Photonics recently introduced to the market is called DySISTM and focuses on the non-invasive in vivo diagnosis of cervical cancer. The product is CE-Marked with intended use as a novel imaging technology replacing conventional colposcopes. DySIS provides quantitative diagnostic information for detecting and grading cervical neoplasia in vivo and guidance for biopsy sampling and treatment.

These advantages argue strongly for the adoption of DySIS in colposcopy as the most advanced colposcopic imaging technology available today. DySIS is expected to revolutionize current colposcopic practice by providing a user-independent high baseline performance in colposcopy

The FORTH Photonics group is comprised of two companies:
FORTH Photonics Ltd, the holding company registered in London, UK, and
FORTH Photonics Hellas SA based in Athens, Greece.


To be the global leader in automated optical molecular imaging technologies for a range of medical diagnostic and screening applications.


Forth Photonics is committed to saving human lives through the early detection and diagnosis of disease using cost-effective biophotonic innovations.